Sign-Up for 1 Hour Monthly Missionary Pledge

Savers of Souls missionaries pledge to peacefully pray/fast at Planned Parenthood for 1 hr every month. This requires a commitment to a missionary slot, which is defined as a specific hour of the day, within a specific day of the week, for a specific week; e.g., Week 1, Week 2, etc. There are 5 weeks in the monthly rotation and 52 missionary slots per week, one for each of the 52 hours Planned Parenthood is operating each week. This gives us a total of 225 missionary slots to fill per month. Our goal is 10 pledges per missionary slot - a total of 2,250 pledges!

To make your pledge, please use the form fields below to select your preference for day of the week and time of day. Then, from the options presented, choose the week of the month that works best for you. Please consider pledging for missionary slots that have fewer current pledges.

There are no ministry slots available for this day and time, please try a different selection.

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