Pro-Life Apostolate - Denver, Colorado


To initiate this apostolate, we are conducting a prayer pledge drive throughout the Denver area. If you would like to make a pledge to serve as a missionary 1 hour every month, please click here Missionary Pledge or go to the Missionary Pledge tab at the top right of this page. Once there you will be asked to pick a day of the week, an hour and the week of the month that is best for you - example Wednesday, 9am, 3rd week of every month. The goal of this drive is to secure pledges for at least 10 people per hour. Since Planned Parenthood is currently open 225 hrs every month, we are seeking pledges from at least 2,250 individual prayer warriors. Our mission work officially began on Monday, March 3, 2014.

If you can't decide on a monthly pledge date at least become an S.O.S missionary sub! We need hundreds of subs to cover hours that full-time missionaries can't make due to illness, vacations etc. so send us an email ( to become an S.O.S. sub.

Home schooled families please have one parent sign up via the pledge tab and send us an email with the names of children who will pray.

Planned Parenthood Denver Stapleton Location: 7155 East 38th Avenue Denver, CO 80207 Main Entrance where we pray is on Pontiac St just north of 38th Avenue. View Map.   View Prayer Vigil Meditations and Prayers.


Jesus himself has shown us by his own example that prayer and fasting are the first and most effective weapons against the forces of evil (Mt 4:1-11)



Savers of Souls is a peaceful, community-based, pro-life apostolate dedicated to combating the evil of abortion through sacrificial prayer and fasting. Working in tandem with, and building on the success of the 40 Days For Life campaign, Savers of Souls is devoted to perpetually continue the efficacious prayer and visible presence of faithful witnesses outside Denver's Planned Parenthood. Prayer Vigil Meditations and Prayers

Some key points about this apostaolate include:

  • The Savers of Souls mission is to peacefully pray and fast outside Planned Parenthood every hour they are open
  • Missionaries will pray for the end of abortion and the souls of the parents, babies and employees
  • Missionaries pledge to peacefully pray/fast outside Planned Parenthood 1 hr every month
  • Savers of Souls is a peaceful mission and will show compassion and reflect Christ’s love to all Planned Parenthood employees, volunteers, and customers

God is watching us – what will you do???


Prayer Vigil Meditations and Prayers